Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hey!If you didn't get a chance to come to the WEDNESDAY Premier, we are having a DVD release party this weekend! (30 Jun - 2 Jul) It'll be a great chance to get to meet the cast and crew and pretty much just have a great time with friends (and DRINKS). So if you're an actor, filmmaker or just love movies you should come!Here's all the details!

The 'WEDNESDAY' DVD has officially arrived!!! We will be holding three DVD release parties this weekend to celebrate and give you a chance to pick up the DVD one month earlier than it when it will be available online (and for a much lower price)!!!

Also you can MEET the FILMMAKERS and select lead ACTORS from the cast - (autographs and photos welcome!!!) - come by and say hello...We'd love share a drink, discuss Wednesday, and maybe leak a little information about our three features we are going to start production on at the end of 2006!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT, JUNE 30th - the DALLAS, TX Party TRINITY HALL 7PM-10PM ( 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, .. 250, Dallas, Texas, 75206

SATURDAY NIGHT, JULY 1st - the AUSTIN, TX Party (location coming)

SUNDAY NIGHT, JULY 2nd - the FT. WORTH, TX PartyTHE POUR HOUSE - 7PM - 9PM - ( 209 W 5th St., Fort Worth, TX 76102 (all cast appearances, location, and time details will be posted shortly)

WEDNESDAY - The Official Feature DVD (dual-layer, remastered, with great special features!!!) - Be the first to own 'Wednesday' on DVD. It will be a one time low price of only $15 (no shipping, handling, etc.) (CASH ONLY!)

Visit our official site at: Trailer posted on official site and at First Film review/interview, check (in 4-star reviews and indie interview section) Also, we are listed on IMDB with more user comments.



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