Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tomb Raider Ascension Premiere 13 Nov 2007

Just back from one of the most wonderful and exciting evenings of my life.

We arrived at the offices of Aquila TV in Broad Street, Birmingham to meet the rest of the cast and crew for a few nibbles and 'media hugs' as one of the producers, Nat Higginbottom, called it. All very exciting.

Then this ENORMOUS stretch Hummer turned up to take us to the cinema, CineWorld, where we were at last to see the final product.

It was very tense as we walked into the auditorium and saw that huge screen. What's it going to look like? What are people going to think? It filled up and filled up and filled up with people excited to be at the first screening of a new film.

And it was terrific. It was impossible to believe that the whole movie had cost no more than £10,000. Stephen Reynolds who wrote, produced and directed it, is a genius. He has huge talent matched to an enthusiasm and drive which I have almost never seen before. This movie is going to be much bigger than anyone anticipated at the time.

Just have a look at the trailer:

Here are some photos from the premiere with all those glamorous people:

That's me with Andrea Perry-Bevan, the make up artist and her mum.

Just two of the EXTREMELY glamorous ladies present, Anna Tyrie (Lara Croft) and Michelle Duffy (AD) on the right.

A few of the cast and crew from left Michelle Duffy (AD), Lewis Arnold, Nat Higginbottom (Co-Producer), Stephen Reynolds (Writer, Producer, Director, Hardworking Genius), Anna Tyrie (Lara Croft), Andrea Perry-Bevan (Make-Up Artist), Yours Truly (Lord Richard Croft, Lara's father), Jamie Duncombe (Jax). In front is Daniella (Young Lara).

And, to top it off, here is a link to the video footage of the premiere from the Birmingham Mail:

It was just fabulous. More news soon.