Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday the Movie

Saturday 28 January 2006
Here is a description of the events of 18 January 2006 at the screening of Wednesday in Dallas, Texas from the director, Justin Hilliard
The premiere/screening went so well. We packed out the place...the lobby was full and the line was stretched way outside, it was really great. The place was absolutely packed. Your segment and performance got the overall best reviews and comments. You and Adrienne are amazing and everyone thought so...everyone. Now, since this is more of an artistic, personal, lower-budget independent film, a lot of people didn't know exactly what to expect...honestly, I expected those people to 'hate' the film or get lost in it...they fell more to the middle ground, liking it (some parts more than others). Most people loved it and comments have been wonderful...especially from those whose opinions really matter to me. Your performance is brilliant and really connected with people on the big screen...couples were feeling sentimental after your couple (split for 6 months) got back together :-) Another couple dating...broke up, never to speak, like the stories involved, it separated and connected everyone...A lot of people didn't know what to think at first, but after a week, they can't stop thinking about the film...and it has stuck with them...and they like it now...(even people that didn't at first)...So many people was a wonderful feeling...especially for such a non-commercial film.
Sounds like a success then! :-)
Tuesday 4 January 2006
I've just heard from Justin Hilliard, the director, that the world premiere of Wednesday is due to take place in Dallas, Texas on 18 Jan at 7-30pm local time. Will let you know how it's received. Plans are in place to premiere in London during March 2006
Wednesday 12 October 2005
The interview with Pat Marsh went very well and people have let me know they enjoyed it. I'm in the process of posting a recording of it on my website. You can hear it here in due course.
Thursday 6 October 2005

I'm going to be interviewed about what's been happening with Wednesday on the Pat Marsh show on BBC Radio Kent at noon today. Listen in HERE and click on 'Listen Live'. You'll need Real Player (Download).

Wednesday 14 September 2005

Wednesday is finished. Justin Hilliard posted a message on the message board today to let us all know. Premiere is planned either for Sundance Film Festival or Cannes Film Festival. It’s going to be exciting!!!

Tuesday 30 August 2005

New website for the film Wednesday has been set up on the web. Click here. I think it’s terrific.

The Reappearance of Christ in the East End

Sunday 28 August 2005

Finished Reappearance of Christ today. Good performance, good audience, really enjoyed it. Chantal, my agent, came and brought Roisin Monaghan, another one of her clients, to see it. They both thought it was fantastic and that I was particularly good. That was gratifying. Bit sad that it’s all over. Just want to get on with the next job now. Well, if nothing else happens, I’ve still got the London showing of Wednesday in October so we can keep going with something to look forward to. I’ll update this when the next exciting thing happens.

Cast of The Reappearance of Christ in the East End by Peter Hamilton (in order of appearance) first performed at the White Bear Theatre Club, Kennington, London 2 – 28 August 2005.

Barry Philip Goldacre
Ailish Stasha Hicks
Dr Patricia Baxendale Sally Mortemore
Roger Payne James Carcaterra
Steph Payne Adrienne Marks
Frank Harding Charles Anderson

Saturday 27 August 2005

I’ve just got back from the most wonderful performance we’ve had so far of ‘The Reappearance of Christ in the East End’ at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington. I’ve been working on this play (as Barry) since 4th July and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. Some of the rehearsing was a bit difficult as there were so many script changes, but you come to expect that with a new play.

A big thrill, though, was that Adrienne Marks, who plays Steph in Reappearance, sent me some links to the poster for our film Wednesday in which I play Harold and she plays Linda. There are our names in big letters right on the poster!! Ooh er!! I emailed Justin Hilliard, the director of the film, to let him know that I’d seen it and he sent me a hugely gushing email in reply telling me how great I am in the movie and how much everybody who’s seen it thinks of the film and of me. Well I’m jolly well going to keep my feet on the ground and concentrate on the fact that I shall be back driving articulated trucks next week after Reappearance closes on Sunday. I’ve put a copy of the poster on my website, though (Poster).

We’ve had some terrific crits for Reappearance too. The Sunday Telegraph and the Church Times both said it should be in the West End and Time Out and What’s On In London both said they thought it was great too (See Reviews). It’s really pleasing to have been in at the beginning of what I believe, and everybody who’s seen it tells us, is a great piece of work (writing, directing, acting, design, the lot). Shame it’s not going anywhere. At least we haven’t been told yet that it will be. We live in hope (line from the play).