Monday, August 04, 2014

Wow! Been away from here for a while

Crumbs! What's been happening in the last 2 years while I haven't posted anything?

Well, firstly, I've been recovering from looking after my mum which was very difficult indeed towards the end as she succumbed more and more to her dementia. I didn't know that the brain physically shrinks with vascular dementia, but it does. And the effects of that are not pretty.

So I can say thankfully, for her, she passed away on 2 Apr 2013. Which was a bit difficult.

Then, on 15 Feb 2014, my brother Norman passed away suddenly. At 2310 he was sitting on the sofa at his partner's home talking about things and at 2314 he was dead. A coronary artery burst due to an aneurism and his blood emptied out of it into his pericardium. So I'm now the only surviving member of the nuclear family I grew up in and it feels a little strange. I wonder what the future holds.

Work wise, not a lot has been happening as my foot injury has somewhat decreased my mobility but I did shoot a film last year called The Journey of Alfred Small, playing Alfred, but unfortunately it doesn't look as if it's going to see the light of day. I'm shooting another short film this month (Aug 14) called The Miracle in which I play Rabbi Joseph Vogel. Should provide some more footage for the showreel at least.

Apart from that, I'm starting a new business as a distributor for the Utility Warehouse doing something I absolutely love which is reducing people's outgoings on their shopping and household bills. It's a terrific business and most enjoyable because I get to meet all kinds of positively minded people which is a great benefit. Apart from that, it has the potential to do a lot of people a lot of good and earn me a good living into the bargain. Please feel free to have a look at:
If you have any questions, just ask. I'm always delighted to help.

Well, I could witter on but I'll leave it there for the time being. It;ll guarantee I have something to say next time.

Keep safe and best wishes.